Catalogue des productions

«Musiques d’intérieur» le Garazi Philanthropik(e) Orkestra CD (€5.00)

The six multi – instrumentalist personalities of  » Le Garazi Philanthropik (e) Orkestra  » blow, pinch, strike. Rub, roar, jump. A musical attitude which turns and builds itself through the manipulation of heterogeneous sound objects (the kazou, the Jew’s harp, the yukulélé) and the use of more conventional instruments (trombone, cello, accordion…)

«An inescapable siren within earshot distance therein and other whereabouts» Moe!kestra CD (€5.00)

This is Moe! Staiano’s first CD of orchestral compositions (for Strings, Percussion, U-bolts, Wine Glasses, Prepared Guitar and Sirens), which differ greatly from his conducted improvisations. The pieces were recorded in 1998 and 2003, respectively. Moe! Staiano is a self-trained composer/performer who uses large ensembles of mixed instruments as a canvas for sonic exploration. His scores combine text, graphics, and conventional notation, and he is equally inspired by the composers Glenn Branca, Krystof Penderecki, and John Zorn, as well as the bands Einsturzende Neubauten, the Ex, and the Ruins, Moe!’s pieces pit groups of acoustic instruments against amplified rock instruments and found objects to create intense orchestral collages with subtly shifting timbres. As a percussionist, Moe! has toured the U.S.A several times, collaborated with Henry Kaiser and Amy Denio, and has performed with William Hooker, Michael Evans (God Is My Co-Pilot), Caroline Kraabel, and John Edwards (Shock Exchange). The recordings feature Ches Smith (Good for Cows), David Slusser, Nils Frykdahl (Sleepytime Gorilla Museum), Kris Force (Amber Asylum) and 29 other musicians. The Piece No.7 recording features, sadly, the final recording of bassist Matthew Sperry (who has worked with Tom Waits, Anthony Braxton, Gino Robiar, etc.).

«Anti-Apopathodiaphulatophobicoustical» Raxinasky CD (€5,00)
Pure jazz-thrash-core grinding trio (from Belgium).
«Teenage Beetles» Voodoo Muzak (download only)
Their 2nd album released in 1992 as part of of split album with RWA from Bordeaux (France), is more straight forward noisecore than their previous more experimental work. Again recorded on 8-track cassette tape, Voodoo Muzak performed as a trio with drums, bass, guitar and voice. This digital only re-release has been remastered and contains a bonus track which previously appeared on a CD compilation inserted in the ‘Abus Dangereux’ magazine (Bordeaux, France).

«Blunt» LP Voodoo Muzak (download only)

«Mambient Live» Voodoo Muzak (download only)
Recorded live at Pau 11/99 -The album ‘Mambient’ had been recorded after one week of rehearsal. This live tape documents one of the last concerts of the tour that followed the release of the CD. The perfect complement to understand the complex rythms (2 drummers) and melodic mix of bass and barytone guitar.Live sampling and some improvised bits create even more ambience. The album comes to life.

Voodoo Muzak «Brouillarta de-mixed + bonus tracks download only

«tribute to Shunatao» Shunatao CD (deleted)  download only
Quand tout le monde se remixe, Shunatao se reprend. Pour la première fois (?) un groupe choisit de s1auto-hommager de son vivant et de repartir en studio rejouer ses propres morceaux. Ce sixième album revisite donc les cinq précédents selon une sélection maison de premier choix, des abrasions psychotiques de l’inaugural « Autoretrat » au rutilant péplum pop «Spartacus ». Dans le moule de ce « tribute », Shunatao coule un bronze sonore qui ne ressemble évidemment en rien au passé. Sans jamais effacer le groove rocktatoué sur sa musique, Shunatao multiplie et varie les couches d1arrangements faussement simplistes et se refait une peinture à chaque chanson : voix voilées d1outre-tombes, bastringue, flûtes de pan, orgues de supermarché, violons à pleurer, rythmique sur bois, hymnes à boire, cuivres enfumées, guitares héroïques. Quand Shunatao joue avec les fantômes de Shunatao, tous les genres vascillent et les comparaisons avec.

«Transport de viandes» Raxinasky CD €5.00

«Amour» Shunatao CD (€5.00) or download
7eme album.

«Brouillarta» Voodoo Muzak CD (€5.00) or download
6th album. grooving post rock with electronic interplays. Voodoo muzak are joined by Eardrum’s Lou Ciccotelli (also playing with Laika, Mass, God, Ice) and Richard Olatunde Baker (Eardrum’s percussion masterbrain). Double drums, percussion, 6 and 4 string basses, live sampling. Tribal live drum&bass. 47 minutes.

«Recycling buzz» Various CD+Rom (€5.00) or download
la septième compilation co-produite par Idoia (Londres) avec: Forestopper (Berlin, Allemagne): entre dancefloor et déconstruction minutieuse. A la tête du label Œtête à click1); Formatt (Belgique): glitch, glicth, gilhct, gihtcl, gthicl…; Alejandra & Aeron (New York/ Logroño (Espagne): duo et label (lucky kitchen). une pièce ambiante. beau! ; Voodoo Muzak (France): entre drum&bass lent et saturé, ambiant et funk.; Idoia (Londres, GB): techno ambiant en audio mais aussi sous forme d1une animation interactive 3D (format PC et MAC); (Italie). minimal techno hypnothique. 2 longues plages de + de 8 minutes. Album sur ‘Hefty Records’ (chicago); Eardrum (GB, Leaf Records) remix (alex@idoia) d’un enregistrement live de ce groupe de groove urbain. Un caddie renversé dans l1herbe (Barcelone, Espagne):glitch avec MD et turntable comme on dit. Du label ‘Ooze bâp’; Act (France): sampling puissant. le plus Rock de la compilation; Colongib (USA): intelligent techno. Album sur Kracfive. Il est présent ici avec 2 titres et un clip vidéo.

«Cape Cannibal Skull Island Apocalypse» Cosmonauts Hail Satan CD 5€ (1 copy left)
Debut album by these 3Leeds based degenerates2. A retrospective of earlier releases (including o/p tapes). Churning rhythms, post-industrial psych work outs from the basement, B-movie snippets, skewered guitars, moronic bass abuse… « The Ed Wood Jr of noise Rock.

«Ring Ring» Welter Quartet CD (€5.00) or download
No Wave Lounge Jazz. between early Lounge Lizards, B. Bardot, James Chance etc. Co-released with Relax-Ay-Voo.

«Cartilage» Voodoo Muzak CD (€5.00) or download
2 drummers, bass, guitar, voice, trumpet. Stranger than ever. Blasting &/or ambient noise. Tribal Jazz or postrock-ish dub? 7 songs, 67 minutes.. Co-produit par Popov Island.

«The lateness of yearly presentations» Moe Staiano CD (€5.00) or download
Since the debut CD, « The Non-Study of First Impressions » released three years ago, percussionist Moe! Staiano is finally releasing a follow-up to that CD, entitled « The Lateness of Yearly Presentations ». This albums is more song composition oriented while the spirit of improvisation is still heavily there. Moe! has a couple of solo tracks, but is joined by a host of many musicians on all the other selections including all members of the final incarnation of the Molecules (Ron Anderson, Thomas Scandura & John Shiurba), David Slusser (Malcom Mooney’s Tenth Planet, John Zorn), Matt Ingalls, Morgan Guberman, Dennis Fritts, Michael de la Cuesta (Vacuum Tree Head), Garth Powell, George Cremaschi, Ches Smith, Peter Valsamis, among a few others enlisted on the album. It features the diversity between each track presented, ranging from spying industrial jazz to atmospheric bangy whirles to white noise over-ridden guitar feedback with a Eric Dolphy record scratching in the background, ending the record with a succession of percussive collaborations with many musicians. A strong follow-up to the debut CD. Licenced from DKM (USA)

«Does time affect memory?» Various 2xCD (€5.00) or download
w/ Molecules, Splatter Trio, Spaceheads, Badgewearer, Climax golden Twins, RWA, Shunatao, Voodoo Muzak, Fuehler, Miss Murgatroid, Headbutt, Raeo, Scrooge, Pest, Phased 4°F, Nid, Dark, TV Pow, Happy New Year, Figurehead, Zuno Men, Konic Thtr, Circle, Keuhkot, Gino Robair, Fin de Siècle, Ron Anderson. Fold out carboard sleeve (design Bolino). 28 bands representing today’s underground from Amanita1s point of view.

«Highway to hell » Shunatao CD (€5.00) or download
Toujours ce décalage entre les prouesses techniques et les « accidents » dilletants. Shunatao explorent différents directions allant du « un-plugged » à la Jungle. Guitare acoustique, électrique, contre-basse, basse électrique, batterie, percussions diverses, violon, harmonium, ‘ud, voix, vinyl/samples, piano! Shunatao affirment leur place chez les inclassables et montrent une maturité et un recul étonnant. – dilletant post folk pickings mixed up with virtuoso-bass/drum duos and vinyl loops. Their 2nd album.

«Split» Elysium Monarch CD €5.00
Elysium deliver short blasts. Monarch play a one hour long apocalyptic sludge piece. Quite extreme…


«Space makes noise» The Invisible Frog CD (€5.00)
guitar – drums duo from belgium. between grind blasts and free.

«No – Fi» The Molecules  CD (€5.00)
Their forth album and their best yet. Cutting up and pasting influences including Zappa, Ruins, Tex Avery. Melt Banana1s singer on one track.

«self titled» Fuehler CD (€5.00)
Licenced album from this german instrumental power trio between Blind Idiot God & Glenn Branca & acoustic drum sounds. Now re-released in co-production with DKM (USA)

«Words are Worms» Raeo 7″ €2.00
w M. Cunningham (ex Mars) & Gat (Bel Canto Orchestra) & Anton Ignorant. co-released with Father Yod

«Body Loops» Raeo CD (€5.00)
Mark Cunningham, instigateur avec Lydia Lunch, James Chance et Arto Lindsay de la NO WAVE New yorkaise (avec MARS et DON KING) s’est converti en trompetiste inventif. Jouant habilement de boucles samplées en live et y superposant de subtiles envolées, il cree un univers sombre et urbain. Gat joue avec P.COMELADE. Ses lignes de basse, de guitare et ses nappes d1effets créent une base parfaite pour les motifs de Mark Cunningham. Plus noir, électronique et ambiant que le premier album « Adios Jupiter », RAEO propose ici un chef d’oeuvre qui lie avec finesse des ambiances abstraites et menaçantes avec des grooves presque techno en superposant samples, rythmes électroniques et effets par des instruments bien en chair et en os. Co-released with G3G

«K-ahba» K-Ahba CD + Rom €1.00
metaloïd mix of techno and drum&bass. Contains remixes and a CD-Rom part w/ 2 clips

«Virus» Metal Eater CD € (5.00) few left
Ron Anderson (Molecules) + Steve Buchanan + guests. A blast ranging from Ruins to Merzbow-ish electronics including electrified saxophone & cardboard drums. Silkscreened fold-out cover (7″ format). Co release with Dephine Knormal Musik

«self titled» Monologue Trio 7″ €2.00
French ESP-ish Free Jazz. (sax, drums, bass). co-released with Father Yod

«self titled» Fuehler CD (€5.00)
Licenced album from this german instrumental power trio between Blind Idiot God & Glenn Branca & acoustic drum soundsS¹Incroyable, sobre, beau, massif, variéS¹Superlatif. Now re-released in co-production with DKM (USA)

« Words are Worms » Raeo 7″ €2.00
w M. Cunningham (ex Mars) & Gat (Bel Canto Orchestra) & Anton Ignorant. co-released with Father Yod

« Troxx-Tracks » Trottel CD 5 €
licenced from Trottel Records. Strange musical structures ranging from Dog Faced eastern melodies to straighter stuff.

« Compilazoo » Various CD 3 € (xeroxed artwork)
w/ the Ex, God is my Co-pilot, Spaceheads, Rhythm-Activism, Kornice, Dragibus, Uz Jsme Doma, Kampec Dolores, Donkey, Badgewearer, Les Halmas, Scrooge, Roof. Cheap Taster

« Knormalities V.2″ Various 7 » €3.00
Licenced to Amanita for release in Europe by « DephineKnormal Musik » (US), here comes the new 7″ compilation that features exclusive tracks from ALBOTH!, NELS CLINE, and MOE!KESTRA! The record is limited to only 600 copies and is on GREY vinyl. Artwerk is done by the famed Chuck Squier, who’s plastered a lot of covers for most of the Vaccination records catalog including Mumble & Peg, Idiot Flesh among others. ALBOTH!, from Switzerland, with a track that is from their latest album, ECCO LA FIERA. NELS CLINE, the former Geraldine Fibbers guitarist, has provided a nice track, done up with a micro-jammer & phone voice of fellow Fibber, Carla Bozulich. MOE!KESTRA!, Moe! Staiano large rotating ensemble, with members including David Slusser, Peter Conheim (Negativland, Wet Gate, Mono Pause), Myles Boisen (Splatter Trio), Frank Grau (Species Being) & Dan Rathbun (Charming Hostess; producer of Shlong, Uz Jsme Doma), provides a cover version of THE EX & the song « Godgloeiendeteringklootzak ». This ensemble capacity this time is 16 members and is the first presented release for Moe!kestra!

« Noumena » Splintered CD €5.00
Reissue of their o/p 3rd LP. Submerged vocal mantras, grand canyon rhythms, labyrinthine textures, screaming, loops. Co-released w/ 4th dimension & Suggestion

«Riche en fruits» Various CD 5.00€
avec Andy’s Car Crash, Alma Fury, Shut Up!, Mo-e, Bianca, Owun, Fleur, Microsquame, Miam, Rogojine, Zadig, Skrewed Ass. Plus livret 16 p.

«Flatus Flow Rate» Religious Overdose CD €5.00
noise in a sonic youth-vain. Co-released with Far Out Records (CH)

«Heart – warming splinters » Voodoo Muzak 3×7″ €6.00
3 x 7’’ EP’s in a silkscreened fold-out cover (Dernier Cri). Drum machine, loops, noise clusters, heavy bass and scratching guitars, hysterical voice. Amient noise core. 12 songs, 53 minutes.
«Autoretrat + The Story of Ball Paul» Shunatao + Noël Akchoté-Anna Luif CD €5.00 or autoretrat download or story of ball paul download
Shunatao: entre T.Waits et L. Armstrong, Goz of Kermeur, Ruins. Akchoté Luif: noise et chansons. Purement blues dans l’ame? – Punk Jazz & Progressive Noise from the french band Shunatao, somewhere between Goz of Kermeur, Louis Armstrong, Ruins & Tom Waits. Noël Akchoté recorded with Derek Bailey, Fred Frith. This time he offers us songs and more experimental guitar work with the swiss singer /guitarist Anna Luif.

«Ah quelle belle journée» Various CD €5.00
74 minutes of deviant mutant Rap from Krackhouse (New York) No Wave from One Arm (Paris), improvised hardcore from Freicore (Berlin), cut up noiserock from Voodoo Muzak (F), psychedelic hc from Kill the Thrill (Marseille), heavy drones from X-Rated-X (Montpellier), Bebopcore from RWA (Bordeaux), Orgonecore from Jay Walker (Zürich), Jazzcore from WOO (New York) et & a slap in your face from Escare (Bordeaux). Digipak & booklet by Bruno Richard!

«En chair et en os» Various LP €5.00

«Hirnschrei » Voodoo Muzak 7″ €2.00
1er 45trs de 1989- first 7” from 1989.